Yes, I still love Facebook.

1 Aug

Making my rounds through my FriendFeed this week, I saw more than a few people declaring themselves over Facebook. While I would say I probably spend a lot more time on FriendFeed at this point than I do on Facebook, I am definitely in no way over it. I don’t see myself losing interest in it any time soon and here’s why:

1. It’s the only social networking app my non-work/college friends will use. I spent somewhere around 3 months prodding them to sign up in the first place and now that they’re all there, it would take a minor miracle to get them to go somewhere else. Their pictures are there, their connections, their networks — they’re entrenched and too busy with other things to worry about setting up shop somewhere else. Frankly, I’m lucky some of them even have profile pictures.

2. Even my work friends won’t move to FriendFeed. I work in the web field and I still can’t get people I work with to get into FriendFeed. I did successfully get 1 person to sign up, but I don’t think she uses it. Granted, I work more on the editorial/product side of things so maybe there are developers all over my company using FriendFeed and I just don’t know? Time for a fact-finding mission.

3. I just like it. There’s something about checking my status updates that I find so relaxing. I get a good laugh when I see one of my friends or co-workers’ status update and I know exactly what they’re referring to. It’s easy and fun. Twitter can be fun too, but again, you need the other people participating to make that fun happen. I like walking down the hall and having someone tell me that they were happy to see I got my baby to sleep at a decent hour. Connections like that are especially important when said baby doesn’t leave you with a lot of leisure time for emailing.

4. Innovation. I like that the team behind Facebook never rests on their laurels. They may have some misses (iPhone app, to name one) but I like that they are always pushing forward with their product. It was one of the first sites that I actually found enjoyable to look at on my iPhone and so far, I’m liking the redesign. Tabs? Yes, please. Facebook Connect? I’ll think about it, but yup I’m impressed by the idea.

5. Did I mention everyone I know is on it? That really is the key. I can set up a million accounts on a million different social networking sites, but the only ones I’ll bother to go back to are the ones that have the people present to keep my feeds moving. FriendFeed satisfies one aspect of this need for me and Facebook satisfies the other. Give me the both of them at once — a place where people share tech links I’m interested in and might be into the ones I post (very much unlike my Facebook friends who I’m pretty sure always wondered why I was posting boring tech links in the first place; thankfully, FriendFeed has now saved them from this) and the second, a place where people are interested in what I had for lunch. Not a bad combination.


One Response to “Yes, I still love Facebook.”

  1. Corvida August 1, 2008 at 11:43 pm #

    I completely agree with reason #1 that you listed. It’s honestly the only reason why I’m on Facebook. There’s an app or two here and there that I enjoy, but they’re not what keeps me on Facebook.

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