Assaulted by two iPhone-related disappointments while waiting for burrito

2 Jul

As I stood waiting for my burrito on Wooster this afternoon, I decided to waste the 20-minute wait time (these are VERY popular burritos)  fiddling with my iPhone, as I often do when I’m bored. Went to Twitter to post my message “Waiting for magical burrito at Wooster. Line is long, but burrito is worth it.” but I was thwarted by an error message. Twitter’s instability is apparently legendary, so what could I expect?  Big deal, though, right? Who cares about my magical burrito? Yet, it bothered me. Suddenly I needed to get the word out about waiting for my magical burrito. Where I started off not really caring, that error message suddenly made me anxious about not being able to post my message. Perhaps that says something about my own narcissistic tendancies than anything and I should let it go. Willing to concede that point, I moved on.

I went to FriendFeed. As I looked through my friends’ links, I saw a couple that I wanted to mark as Like. But where is my Like link?! Not there! Did I miss it or is it not available on the iPhone version of FriendFeed? Tragedy!

After all this and the my experience with the iPhone version of LinkedIn, am I destined to be unhappy with all iPhone sites? Or am I simply impatient and need to wait for them to work out the kinks?


One Response to “Assaulted by two iPhone-related disappointments while waiting for burrito”

  1. Sifetierbzixef August 4, 2008 at 12:33 am #

    Thanks !

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