LinkedIn’s new company-focused plans

18 Jun

I’m a fan of LinkedIn. It’s an easy way for me to keep up with former colleagues without fearing that any of them might try to bite me or send me a plant. Plus, it’s a great place to go to check up on questions asked by others in my field and to read the advice they’re given. I’m a little unnerved by the new company-focused plans I read about in the Times. I’m just not sure why any company would want their employees to do all their talking to one another at LinkedIn and not within a more secure company-created Wiki or Intranet? Or maybe even, I don’t know, in person? Not to mention, no one I know uses LinkedIn to be connected specifically to the people they currently work with. Let’s face it, it’s used for networking and – more often than not – for getting yourself out there in case your next great career opportunity is waiting around the corner somewhere.

As mentioned in the article, there’s also the concern that former employees will still be able to access the corporate web forum if they don’t bother to update their profile unless someone else removes them. The onus is then put on the company itself to go through and weed out anyone who no longer works there. Technically, anyone in the group can remove someone, but how many companies would be happy to just sit back and hope their employees take it upon themselves to police the web forum? So then, who is the poor schmuck who will get the assignment of keeping up with their company’s LinkedIn forum? And will they actually do it? Doesn’t seem like a terribly secure environment in which to discuss corporate strategies or toss around proprietary ideas to me.

What I would love, LOVE, would be for LinkedIn to fix their iPhone site so that I can accept invitations. I can view them and think to myself – oh I sure would love to accept that invitation – but then I’m forced to wait until I get in front of my computer at work to do it. Accepting invites is just too integral a part of the service to be left off the iPhone version. How do we get that on the roadmap?

I do love the closing (and SHOCKING) quote in the Times article:

“Scrabulous is not work, and it does not enable you to be an effective professional,” he [Hoffman] said.

Repeat that to yourselves 20 times before bed all ye Scrabulous addicts.


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